OUR Deli

locally operated by Original family in
The heart of north end halifax, nova scotia

Brothers Meats is located in the North End of Halifax where it has operated for over 60 years. 

Retail deli store is open Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm 

Most popular items are fresh pepperoni and selection of cheesse, smoked bacon and smoked pork chops we also have two types of party trays including a snack tray (pepperoni and cubed cheese) and a mixed meat sliced meat and cheese (sandwich) tray both types come in 15, 20 and 25 person sizes please call for prices

Brothers also makes a wide range of specialty products dedicated to European (polish)  tastes

Popular for the smokehouses and cooking methods brothers also offers custom smoking 

All smoking and production is done on site allowing for Fresh Warm Pepperoni to be served in the retail store weekly every afternoon

Wholesale and delivery is also offered. Brothers supplies to all of Nova Scotia, from Yarmouth to Cape Breton to Amherst. We specialize in delivering to restaurants, farm markets, mom and pop stores and so many more. Please contact for price and product list